System Leadership and School-To-School Support

‘System leadership arises when political leaders and school leaders openly debate and agree on the moral purpose of  education, that is, the kind of people that education creates for what kind of society, and then work in partnership to agree and to implement both the means by which such purposes can be realised in practice and the criteria by which success in such an endeavour is to be judged’

David Hargreaves

Local Area Education Improvement Partnerships

Professor David Woods CBE


Building a Community in SEND


The Compassionate School Leader

Professor David Woods CBE, Chairman of London Leadership Strategy


‘A leader is an individual who significantly affects the thoughts, feelings and behaviours of a significant number of individuals’ 

The London Leadership Strategy and Denmark


Don’t Rob Peter to Pay Paul: Why Extra Funding is Needed to Address Inequalities in the System


The introduction of a National Funding Formula is likely to move funding from London and other metropolitan areas. Part of the success of London schools can be attributed to the ability to target resources where they are most needed. To remove these resources now puts everything which has been achieved at risk. This paper offers some reflection on why we need to fund all schools at the higher level. 

It's a London Thing: Headship and Beyond

London leadership is unique, special and complex. You can wear many hats, all complementary and spin many plates, all precarious. My role as Headteacher of Barham, an expanding, titan, multi-everything, global majority, family-feel primary school in Wembley, for the last thirteen years has evolved and morphed into an experience similar to the lure of a chocolate fountain: rich, indulgent but with a health warning. 

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