System Leadership and Leading Beyond the School

Next year will mark the 15th anniversary of LLS, launched as part of the London Challenge in 2003.

Great Aspirations

We all know a school that consistently delivers great outcomes for all its students. If you were lucky enough, this was your own school. There are hundreds of these schools across the country and they have incomparable impact on students across the country, regardless of their background.


Multi-Site Inclusion: How Can Schools Work Together To Meet Need?

In their latest pupil number projections, the DfE indicated that they expect there to be an increase in Special School places of 13,000 over the period 2017 to 2026, reflecting an upward trend in the Special Schools population of 29% since 2007.

This will equate to approximately 130 new schools, requiring approximately 6,500 staff of whom around 1,600 will need to be teachers, within the next nine years.

System Leadership and School-To-School Support

‘System leadership arises when political leaders and school leaders openly debate and agree on the moral purpose of  education, that is, the kind of people that education creates for what kind of society, and then work in partnership to agree and to implement both the means by which such purposes can be realised in practice and the criteria by which success in such an endeavour is to be judged’

David Hargreaves

Local Area Education Improvement Partnerships

Professor David Woods CBE


Building a Community in SEND


The Compassionate School Leader

Professor David Woods CBE, Chairman of London Leadership Strategy


‘A leader is an individual who significantly affects the thoughts, feelings and behaviours of a significant number of individuals’ 

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