“My dugout, my stadium and my people!” - Jose Mourinho 2013

Jose Mourinho summed it up wonderfully when he said, on returning back to manage Chelsea FC for the second time, “my dugout, my stadium and my people” because as the new headteacher walks into his/her office for first time it becomes their office, their school and their students. Everything that happens in the school will become the responsibility of the new Head from day one and no amount of training or support will ever prepare them for everything.

Outstanding teaching in times of change

The new OFSTED Framework and more focus on Early Years education, alongside the new SEN code of practice, have increased pressure further on schools, particularly at a primary level.

Embedding the New Curriculum, increased expectations at end of Key Stages and of course the whole issue of levelling have surely challenged even the most experienced staff in our schools.

“From basket case to somewhere completely different”

I suppose I should start by stating that three people have already challenged me on the session title for the London Leadership Convention on 12th November. I was always worried that “Maintaining and improving the %5 A*-C with English and Mathematics at above 60%” might sound a touch complacent…. believe me it is far from that!

What role should the new Regional Schools Commissioner play?

In the last few years, new schools have been established in order to meet demand for school places and create competition. In most cases these schools have been created outside of great support structures with great capacity, in addition new schools and their supporters have often lacked experience of the difficulties that will be encountered in setting up an education establishment.

Getting the evidence to close the gap

By Conor Ryan

Despite the improvements in London schools, there are still big attainment gaps that need to be addressed. Too many disadvantaged pupils lag behind their classmates, and while the problem is less acute in the capital, the fact that those who get the pupil premium match the performance of other pupils in 1 in 7 secondary schools nationally shows the potential and scale of the challenge.

Ofsted: outstanding rating creates 'false impression' about quality of schools

Gary Phillips, headteacher at Lilian Baylis Technology School and LLS Director summarises his speech from yesterday's Westminster Education Forum.

I think the new proposals are to be welcomed. In particular it is right that OfSTED align all aspects of education inspection within a common framework and make more regular visits to schools rated good in their last inspection. In addition the removal of out sourcing can only be welcomed. There are however 2 areas where I believe the proposals do not go far enough.

Firstly Grading

London Leadership Strategy welcomes funding to support Special Education Needs and Disability provision in schools

London Leadership Strategy (LLS), a not for profit organisation run by experienced headteachers to empower schools to take forward school-to-school improvement in London and beyond, has today (25.03.15) welcomed support from the VCS National Prospectus Grant Programme.

Utilising hub power to deliver evidence-based professional development

The link between professional development for teachers and improved educational outcomes is well known. This idea has been pushed to the forefront by the government with the recent announcement of a fund to support continuing professional development (CPD) for teachers.

The focus is not simply around money, though. They are particularly championing Teaching Schools to deliver evidence-based professional development in order to continue the movement towards a school-led approach to CPD and school improvement.

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