About us

The London Leadership Strategy (LLS) is a not-for-profit organisation run and led by serving Headteachers. The organisation is born of the London Challenge and today works to keep its spirit and mission alive.

Every year – at primary and secondary level – more than 500 schools access programmes from LLS across London and beyond. Our regional work is growing fast with programmes of support in place in Norfolk, Somerset, South Gloucester and Reading, with more regional outreach underway.

LLS is now one of the largest providers of school-to-school support in London and we have an extensive network of National Leaders of Education (NLEs) and a network of outstanding schools leading learning in every borough.

Our programmes support all schools at every point of their development journey – from needing improvement, maintaining outstanding provision and supporting leadership from entry to the profession – through to mutual support between outstanding heads.

This work is focused on what schools care about – teaching and learning, leadership, CPD, staff retention, recruitment and energising staff.

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