Baroness Estelle Morris

Estelle started her career in education as a teacher in an inner city comprehensive school where she taught for 18 years. In 1992 she entered Parliament and in 2001 became the Secretary of State for Education and Skills. She followed this with two years as a Minister at the Department of Culture Media and Sport and left Parliament in 2005.


Since then she has combined a career that includes senior posts both in education and the arts as well as being a member of the House of Lords. She is Chair of the Council at Goldsmiths and a trustee of the Poetry Archive.


Estelle’s roles in education have allowed her to see the education landscape from classroom teacher to senior policy maker and it is this breadth of experience that is now reflected in her comments and analysis of education. Amongst other posts she now works at the Institute of Effective Education which aims to transform the relationship between education research and practice so that policy making and teaching can become more evidence based.

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