Damian McBeath

Damian McBeath is Executive Principal of three academies in West London; Ark Bentworth, Ark Conway and Ark Swift.

He was the founding Headteacher of Ark Conway, which was the first free school to be awarded Outstanding status by Ofsted and has subsequently achieved the highest Key Stage 1 results nationally. In 2014, Damian was named by the Education Foundation as one of their Educational Reformers of the year ‘for inspiring and collegiate leadership and nationally acknowledged achievement for pupils in a new school.’

Damian is a strong advocate for a College of Teaching, and has dedicated a great deal of time into developing a strong reflective staff team committed to embracing innovation and challenging the status quo. 

He is the Chair of the Ark Schools Teacher Training Steering Group and the Ark Schools Headteachers forum.

Damian leads on Going for Great programme alongside Rachel Macfarlane.

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