David Woods CBE

David Woods is Chair of London Leadership Strategy and also works as an Education Consultant with schools, local authorities and academy chains. He is a member of the Wales Education Commission, Chair of the Norfolk Education Challenge Board and the Birmingham Education Commissioning Group, and a Visiting Professor at Warwick University and the Institute of Education, University College, London.

In the past, David has been a teacher and senior leader in schools, a teacher trainer and a Local Authority adviser in two LAs. He was the Chief Education Adviser for the City of Birmingham before joining the Department for Education as a Senior Education Adviser, working closely with Ministers to develop educational policy and subsequently becoming Head of the Department’s Advisory Service. He was the lead adviser to the London Challenge and then Chief Adviser to London schools – his standing in the education field is reflected in the fact that he has the unique distinction of having been the Chief Education Adviser to England’s two largest cities.

David has written and spoken extensively on school improvement and related education matters and his latest books, co-authored with Tim Brighouse, are The A-Z of School Improvement (2013) and The Story of London Challenge (2015). He has also written with Chris Husbands the Story of Tower Hamlets (2014) and recently edited 101 Quotable Quotes and More on Leadership and 101 Quotable Quotes and More on Teaching. You can find many of his books here.


David Woods representing LLS in Australia, June 2017

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