A Day In The Life Of A Head

Aim high!    No excuses!  Work hard!   No excuses!


Calls begin for those people off sick

Start to organise cover for absent teachers



Read emails (but never enough time to answer them!)

Talk to Staff ….‘Can I just have a word?’

Going out on the gate to answer parent queries:

“Is it dress up day?”

“What time is the football match?”

“The hamster died last night”

“She’s lost her jumper”

Detangle crying children from their parents


During the morning

See parents to discuss academic or behaviour issues

Lead assemblies

Complete lesson observations

Meet to discuss finances of the school

Reply to emails!

Look at staff recruitment – who will teach which class?

Prepare for meetings


At lunch time

Give feedback to teachers from their lesson observations

Hold progress meetings – are the children on track?

Talk to children

Catch up with Deputy / Assistant Heads

Try to make it into the staffroom

Eat lunch or half of it!


During the afternoon

Meet with Middays – what are the issues at lunchtime?

Meet the caterers

Talk to children

Attend core group meetings for children on a Child Protection plan

Meet with the attendance officer – whose attendance has fallen?

Run school tours

Meet with parents


After school

Talk to parents and children on the gate

Answer emails

Meetings after school with…

            Whole staff

            Year Groups

            Senior Leadership Team


In the evening


            PSA Meetings

            Governors meetings

            Parents meetings

            Information meetings

            Curriculum Workshops

Staff start to call in sick…


In the middle of the night

Come up with ideas e.g. Action plans printed on colour paper

E-mail self with genius ideas

Re-run the previous day’s tricky issues

Run through the next day’s tricky issues


Drop everything when…

A parent demands to see you because their child is being bullied

A teacher tells you that they’ve had a miscarriage   

A parent shares that they are splitting from their partner

A teacher gets a call that their child is unwell and there is no-one else to pick them up

You get a call from a social worker who is considering removing a child from their family

You receive a call to say that a parent is seriously ill

Torrential rain causes the school to flood

The boilers fail: no hot water in the kitchens!

Parents take a protection order against other parents


Would I swap this? No! it’s the best job in the world!


 Our school is like an allotment.


Allotments are wonderful things but they must be cared for and nurtured to get the best out of them. 


Isabel Ramsay

14th December 2016
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