Going for Great

Supporting schools on their journey to becoming world class. 

Created for schools that are Ofsted rated Outstanding, the Going for Great (G4G) programme supports a cohort of schools on their improvement journey. Our programme enables schools to share and build on outstanding practice and what is currently working well in schools – which empowers them to demonstrate sustained school-to-school leadership.

The secondary Going for Great (G4G) programme has run from 2009 – 2016, and the primary G4G programme was launched in 2015-16. This year, we will be joined by a cohort of primary, secondary, special and all-through schools.

The G4G programme aims to:

  •  Encapsulate key features and qualities of schools which are consistently outstanding in order to better understand how these schools become outstanding.

  • Share exceptional practice demonstrated in outstanding schools and by the leaders of these schools to further support all schools on the G4G programme in moving towards becoming great.

  • Support schools rated Outstanding by Ofsted in maintaining this designation in subsequent inspections.

  • Support outstanding schools in maximising their impact on the local, national and/or international community through effective systemic leadership.

  • Ensure that outstanding schools are helping to make education in London world class, contributing to the vision of London as the leading urban education service in the world through having system wide impact.

  • Support succession planning both in outstanding schools and those that they are working with.

The G4G programme involves:

  • Two leaders from each of the G4G schools meeting half termly for a seminar in a central London venue.

  • A forum for exploring the nature of greatness in schools, sharing and discussing research and recommending reading.

  • Hearing from keynote speakers on the features of Great Schools. 

  •  School-to-school visits to share great practice between outstanding schools.

  • Each G4G school writing a case study on an area of great practice in their institution, which is featured in an annual G4G publication circulated to schools and influencers in London.

Programme cost: £1,800 + VAT per school.

The programme will take place over the following dates:

- 6th October 2016

- 17th November 2016

- 12th January 2017

- 2nd March 2017

- 27th April 2017

- 18th May 2017.

If you would like to apply, please complete the expression of interest form, and email it to info@londonleadershipstrategy.com 

Download The 9 Pillars of Greatness.

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