The Language of London Challenge

We continue to be inspired by the London Challenge and continue to use its language to impact our work.

  • Shared vision and values
  • A compelling and inclusive moral purpose
  • Ambition and aspiration
  • Inspirational leadership at all levels
  • Exceptionality of practice and provision
  • Striking impact
  • Progress at a pace
  • Building capacity
  • Creating and managing knowledge
  • A passion for excellence
  • Innovative and creative solutions
  • Keys to success
  • Success against stretching benchmarks
  • A relentless focus
  • Confront the brutal facts
  • Fast on our feet
  • Support and challenge
  • Perpetual optimism
  • Unwavering resolve
  • Powerful partnerships

To find out more about the London Challenge and the legacy we’re promoting, we have produced a new book looking at it’s impact in detail. Please click here to find out more and order your copy.

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