LLS letter to the Evening Standard

Date of press release: 
11th October 2013

Peter Hyman’s comment (7th October) resonated strongly with me. It highlighted the importance of building on the success of the past and the need to work towards the school system of the future.

London Leadership Strategy is taking forwards the legacy of the London Challenge and developing school leaders for the 21st century. We believe that school improvement should be led and driven by schools and that the knowledge needed exists within the system.

I really enjoyed the Evening Standard Future of London Schools debate yesterday. The importance of the Head teacher and school leadership were strongly acknowledged but things were missing.

Rightly much was made about children on free school meals but broadly 18% of children in London have SEN. This was notably absent from the discussion last night.

We need to ensure that the Head and leadership team are able to identify children with SEN and offer personalised plans. We need to have high aspirations for these children and do more to value the role of resource centres as a source of support for children in mainstream (like the outstanding provision at Lampton School where our LLS SEN Director David Bartram is assistant head).

Equally last night there was little mention of evidence. It’s vital that whatever we do in school is based on the evidence of what works and that the impact on children is assessed. Our work with school leaders supports them to review their practice and constantly consider how they can improve.

London Leadership Strategy is delighted to be at the centre of a thriving London education system and after 10 years of success is looking forward to the next 10.

Anita Kerwin-Nye
Director of London Leadership Strategy

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