London Leadership Strategy calls for education revolution led by the profession

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22nd November 2013

London Leadership Strategy (LLS), a not for profit organisation run by experienced Headteachers to empower schools to take forward school-to-school improvement in London and beyond, has today (22.11.13) responded to the release of the first Mayor of London’s Annual Education Report 2013.

Anita Kerwin-Nye, Managing Director of London Leadership Strategy, says:
“What the teaching profession needs now is a revolution that is led and owned by schools – a London Challenge 2.0. This should be about ensuring long-term, systemic change in the education system through collaboration and conversation. Much has been achieved by London schools in the last decade, thanks largely to the success of the London Challenge programme and its legacy now underpins the contemporary work of London Leadership Strategy and other school improvement bodies.

“We need to be bolder and braver than we have been previously if we are to inspire, innovate and compete on the global stage. Collaboration will be key to this and this ethos of sharing information and matching schools together sits at the heart of our work with schools in London and increasingly beyond that, as we expand into areas such as Norfolk, Portsmouth and Medway.

“Andreas Schleicher from the OECD has highlighted that the skills that are taught in schools, and are easier to test, are also those that are easiest to digitise. Harnessing technology in the classroom, and empowering schools to embrace these developments, is an area we will be exploring further through our networks.”

Dame Sue John, Secondary Director at London Leadership Strategy and Headteacher at Lampton Academy in Hounslow – a keynote speaker and member of the panel at the Mayors Education Event - says:
“Too much inequity within and between schools and other types of provision exists. If we want to make London a world-leading city for education and creativity, we must all collectively own this problem.

“We are all responsible for the education of London children – the education, not-for-profit, business and arts sectors alike – and harnessing this collective capacity will help us face the challenge of our global city. As a teaching profession, having pride for the achievements and successes of teachers and children is at our core. Our moral purpose is developing confident children that are able to pursue their own paths and for this to happen, we need ambitious aspirations for London schools.

“There is a false dichotomy between knowledge versus skills but in truth the two are inextricably interlinked. We need a broad curriculum that masters the basics including improving literacy and numeracy. However possessing knowledge in a vacuum without being able to apply it is useless. The skills of team work, creativity, problem solving, communication and most importantly resilience are vital.

“We must move towards measuring London schools on the world stage and have firm and swift interventions in place within schools that fail. The school years are so crucial for a child’s success, we can’t afford to get this wrong.”

London Leadership Strategy is led and driven by Heads and school leaders. Its work, and portfolio of programmes for schools, are based on the belief that the school improvement agenda should be owned and championed by schools.

The organisation is supporting, and partnering with, the Greater London Authority (GLA) on effective school-to-school work through the London Leadership Strategy knowledge mobilisation agenda across the capital. This includes providing strategic expertise and input into the London School Gold Club Scheme and offering support to schools and organisations funded as part of the London Schools Excellence Fund (LSEF) to share learning across the wider school system. London Leadership Strategy actively seeks partnerships with other school improvement bodies.

Every year hundreds of schools purchase tried and tested models from London Leadership Strategy, including their successful brokering schools model drawing on National Leaders of Education (NLE) and other system experts. The broader mission of the organisation allows any school the chance to join the London Leadership Strategy network for free, enabling them to tap into information and collective expertise.

The Mayor of London’s first Annual Education Report comes out one year after the publication of the final report of the wide-ranging Education Inquiry in 2012, which laid out a clear ambition to further raise the achievements of London schools. The annual report gives a current picture of London’s education system, updating key statistics and highlighting trends in order to improve outcomes for children and young people.

Notes to editors
About London Leadership Strategy

  • London Leadership Strategy (LLS) is taking forward the legacy of London Challenge. Run by Heads and School Leaders, LLS have an extensive network of school improvement reaching across all London Boroughs as well as offering support in specific projects and partnerships across England.
  • London Leadership Strategy offer programmes at primary, secondary and within SEN and their network includes all school sectors – maintained and non-maintained, members of multi academy trusts (MATs), independent schools, free schools and Non Maintained Special Schools (NMSS).
  • LLS’s programmes support schools at every point of their development journey – from needing improvement through to maintaining outstanding provision and supports leadership from entry to the profession through to outstanding heads supporting each other.
  • London Leadership Strategy have a lead school in each London Borough; a network of National Leaders of Education (NLE), Local Leaders of Education (LLEs), Specialist Leaders of Education (SLEs) and outstanding heads and teachers and teaching school partnerships.
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