London Leadership Strategy welcomes funding to support Special Education Needs and Disability provision in schools

Date of press release: 
25th March 2015

London Leadership Strategy (LLS), a not for profit organisation run by experienced headteachers to empower schools to take forward school-to-school improvement in London and beyond, has today (25.03.15) welcomed support from the VCS National Prospectus Grant Programme.  

The grant of £207,000 will support the development of a Special Education Needs and Disability (SEND) Review, similar in scope and quality to the existing Pupil Premium review, and enable LLS to continue their proven success of school-to-school support - identifying schools who need support with their SEND provision; equipping those supporting school improvement to review and create improvement plans for SEND provision; and helping embed a focus on SEND into normal school improvement practices. 

Since 2009 LLS has supported over 100 inclusion and SEND departments. Under the leadership of David Bartram, Director of SEND for LLS, the organisation deploys outstanding SEND practitioners, with a track record of success in SEND, from mainstream and special schools across the UK. The team includes Specialist Leaders of Education (SLEs), SENCOs, senior leaders with expertise and responsibility for SEND and teachers with a proven track record of excellence in SEND.

Anita Kerwin-Nye, Managing Director of LLS said: “We welcome the funding from the Department that provides a much needed resource to schools. We are delighted to be working with a range of partners including Teaching Schools, Challenge Partners, Whole Education and Teaching Leaders as well as a growing team of SEN SLEs and outstanding practitioners to develop a collaborative model of improvement where SEN SLES – a valuable but underused resource – and exceptional teachers are deployed to help schools across the UK.”

David Bartram, Director of SEND for LLS said: "This vital funding will help us to continue to develop and share knowledge of what works in SEND within the education system. By developing strong structures to identify and improve provision and engaging teams of SEN SLEs, we want to work with schools across the country, regardless of their level of need, to improve outcomes for children with SEND.”

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