Mel Adams

Following a career spent teaching from nursery through to A Level in different schools in England, and a year teaching in Jerusalem, Mel Adams has been Headteacher of St Mary's Church of England Primary school for the past 19 years.

The school has a highly varied catchment with children coming from diverse cultural and religious backgrounds. It has a higher than national average proportion of children with SEND, many of whom make well above average progress by the time they leave Year 6. Having led the school through a number of successful Ofsted Inspections, Mel has undertaken a number of additional roles at different times including Primary Strategy Consultant Leader, School Improvement Partner, Section 48 Inspector and Local Leader of Education from the start of the primary section of the highly successful London Challenge. She found it a privilege to work with colleagues where schools have moved from Satisfactory to Good and from Good to Outstanding.

More recently, Mel has become a National Leader of Education, working with the London Leadership Strategy in school-to-school support. She is also Ofsted trained, and has been able to bring this perspective to school-to-school support.

Mel leads on the Securing Good programme alongside Jackie Valin and Gina Newman.

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