Oaks Park High School

In 2012, having recently received an Outstanding judgement in all areas with Ofsted, Oaks Park High School – a co-educational school in Ilford for pupils aged 11-19 – enrolled onto The London Leadership Strategy’s Going for Great (G4G) programme.

The G4G programme supports a cohort of schools on their improvement journey, enabling them to share and build on outstanding practice and what is currently working well in schools, allowing them to demonstrate sustained school-to-school leadership

Oaks Park High School wanted to use their Outstanding rating as a springboard to future success, rather than seeing it as the end of a journey, and so enrolled on the programme in 2012.

Impact to date
The G4G model centres on collaborative hub working with other like-minded schools, which was of huge benefit to Oaks Park School.

“People we’d never met before were suddenly at the end of a phone line for those ‘I don’t suppose you know / you’ve ever...?" conversations. What’s mine swiftly became theirs, and was equally quickly reciprocated,” said Headteacher Kevin Wyre.

Within a year of enrolment on the programme, Oaks Park High School had shared and received enough inter-school intelligence to transform two of its school processes. 

The most significant impacts on Oaks Park included:
•    Seeing what other outstanding schools are doing and using that shared good-practice for continuous improvement.
•    The opportunity to write a case study not only benefitted other schools in the cohort, but allowed for valuable self-reflection for Oaks Park.
•    Receiving inspiration from programme lead Rachel MacFarlane and LLS Chair David Woods CBE gave Oaks Park the boost to continue to excel.

G4G does need a genuine commitment, but our experience has most definitely been that the investment pays back many times over. I have never returned from a hub visit without my brain whirling with inspiration and knowledge.”   - Kevin Wyre, Headteacher at Oaks Park.


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