SEND Leaders

SEND Leaders School-to-School Support

Our SEND Leaders Programme supports schools to raise standards for children with SEND through a bespoke package of support. The programme helps schools to identify areas for improvement within their SEND provision; equip those supporting school improvement to review and create improvement plans for SEND provision and help embed a focus on SEND into normal school improvement practices. Working with key partners, including SEND Senior Leaders of Education (SLEs), we offer a SEND Review, similar in scope to the existing Pupil Premium Review, and deploy SLEs and other leading practitioners to schools across the UK to offer support and advice.

SEND Leaders deploys a dedicated SEND leader to work with schools to identify strengths and areas of development across eight key areas:

  • Outcomes for pupils with SEND

  • Leadership of SEND

  • The Quality of Teaching and Learning for Pupils with SEND

  • Working with Pupils and Parents/Carers of Pupils with SEND

  • Assessment and Identification

  • Monitoring, Tracking and Evaluation

  • The Efficient Use of Resources

  • The Quality of SEND Provision

After a one-day review, a SEND Leader with the relevant expertise to work collaboratively with the schools on their areas of priority, creates a bespoke package of support.

Since 2009, LLS has supported more than 200 schools as part of our SEND programme.


SEND Reviewer Training and Coaching

LLS offers SEND Reviewer Training and Coaching Workshops for those wishing to conduct a SEND Review.

The SEND Leaders training provides guidance for teachers on how to conduct a SEND review. This includes how to prepare for the day of the review itself, approaches to gathering evidence on the day of the review and good practice in providing feedback and reporting. The training also covers how to provide effective coaching for follow-up visits and support.

The coaching model transfers knowledge and experience resident in senior practitioners with a view to building long-term sustainability. This includes setting coaching in context; defining what coaching is and is not; and exploring the underpinning principles of successful sustained practice.

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Other London Leadership Strategy SEND Work

The SEND Leaders team are involved in developing new SEND programmes and approaches for delivery beyond the LLS team.


The SEND Review Guide

We are delighted to have worked with partners to create the SEND Review Guide. Part funded by the Department for Education and produced by teachers and school leaders, the SEND Review Guide is now available to download from The SEND Review Guide was created in partnership with over forty outstanding special and mainstream schools, as well as organisations such as Contact a Family, Ofsted, the Council for Disabled Children, the Institute of Education and the Teaching Schools Council. The Review Guide is based on the Pupil Premium Review and can be used by all schools to audit their own SEND provision. It is, however, most powerful when used as part of a programme of school-to-school support. For a flyer click here.


Whole School SEND Consortium

We are very pleased to be hosting the Whole School SEND Consortium - the Department for Education School's Workforce Contract for 2017/18. Whole School SEND is a consortium to drive and support school-led school improvement, making the best use of school, third sector and education system resources. It is hosted by LLS and draws together work previously funded by the Department for Education and other investors. More information can be found at


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