Sharon Gray OBE

Sharon has 26 years experience working with children and young people.

Her work and purpose is to take systemic approaches to create environments that enrich the emotional well-being, creativity and learning of children and young people. The focus is to release an innate desire to learn and achieve the best outcomes possible. Working with staff, she enables and facilitates transformational working practices.

Sharon’s previous experience includes 18 years of headship - 12 leading special schools including residential units for children and young people experiencing severe social, emotional and mental health difficulties (SEMH), 6 as the headteacher of a large mainstream school with an enhanced provision for children excluded from other schools due to experiencing significant SEMH difficulties, 2 Nurture Units and a provision for vulnerable 2 year olds. During this time she became the Executive Head whilst supporting an additional school in need.

Sharon has been an Ofsted inspector for 9 years and a BSO accredited inspector. This enables her to have a detailed knowledge and understanding of the inspection process and gain new ideas and insights from different schools. Her philosophy is one of authentic inclusion.

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