Vijita Patel

Vijita Patel is the Principal of Swiss Cottage School Development & Research Centre, a 2-19 Special Needs School in the London Borough of Camden.

Vijita joined Swiss Cottage School in 2012, leading it as a member of the Executive Team into its fifth Outstanding Ofsted grade. Vijita is a proponent for effective inclusion of learners with SEND and promotes this agenda through a system leadership model. She believes inclusive philosophies and specialist pedagogy drive sustainable change towards aspirational outcomes.

Vijita works with Mainstream and Special School Headteachers, Senior Leaders, SENCOs, and Local Authority teams on a range of priorities, particularly leading locality and provision developments as the complexity of need increases. She works with postgraduate students on personalised learning through research on cognitive processing. She has completed SEND Reviews for mainstream and specialist primary and secondary schools, advocating an ongoing relationship to drive meaningful change which leads to the development of enhanced provisions.

Vijita is a Director of The London Leadership Strategy and works on SEND initiatives such as SEND Leaders. She is also involved in Department for Education Consultations for SEND Policy and Reform.

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