Working with Norfolk


The London Leadership Strategy (LLS) began working with Norfolk County Council in 2013 to provide support for a cohort of schools in the county as part of the council’s commitment to improve the quality of schools across the region.

As part of its Norfolk to Good and Great initiative, Norfolk County Council provided funding for a large number of schools to benefit from LLS’s programmes and expertise.

Support for the schools was offered across the following LLS programmes and events, including:

  • Securing Good - a year-long programme giving participating schools the opportunity to attend five day-conferences based on the Ofsted framework and to be supported by a dedicated Consultant Head
  • Going for Great – a programme that supports Outstanding secondary schools to become world class and to demonstrate sustained school-to-school leadership
  • Good to Great Heads of Department – focussing on supporting senior leaders of English and Maths through mentoring, conferences, teacher improvement support, training and knowledge sharing
  • London Leadership Convention - event providing the opportunity for Headteachers and Senior Leaders to hear from experts in the field on the issues that matter most
  • Bespoke support for developing Heads in the county
  • Bespoke support for schools at various stages in their improvement journey
  • The training of local facilitators to deliver LLS’s Successful Teaching and Learning programme, supporting schools across the county to share best practice

Impact to date

The impact of the work between Norfolk County Council and LLS was tangible; within a year of the collaboration, a 2014 Ofsted report to Norfolk County Council highlighted the effective use of LLS’s support as system leaders developing a strong partnership and supporting effective developments within Norfolk.

The report noted: “This is seen in the improved outcomes at inspection for schools subject to intensive support and challenge.”

On a more granular level, participants from schools involved expressed the positive outcomes they have experienced as a result of being part of the LLS programmes:

"In the first session in London, my deputy and I not only learnt about new ideas to move our school forward but we also learnt that we were already on the right path in many of the areas that will be judged by Ofsted."

“Once again [the Securing Good conference provided] a good mix of practical ideas, reflection and theory, which enables us to bring new ideas to move forward.”

Norfolk Council has also been pleased with the successes achieved so far.

"The London Challenge has a strong track record of driving forward rapid improvement in schools, which is why we are so keen to be involved.” - Mike Castle, cabinet member for education and schools, Norfolk.

LLS Managing Director Anita Kerwin-Nye said:

“The 2014 Ofsted report rightly recognises the progress that the schools involved with London Leadership Strategy have made. I am delighted that our strategic partnership continues.”

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